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When You Assume, You Make A (Bleep) Out Of You And Me: How To Evaluate Your Assumptions And Reduce Bias In Your Decisions

Making assumptions is human nature. We store information in our brains about a topic and recall that information when the topic comes up. Then, we may translate it as a fact. Doing so creates an…

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Transforming Limiting Beliefs in Times of Change

As we navigate these times of uncertainty and change it is both helpful and important to have practices that help us to access our clear, creative, and open-minded thinking and enable us to act…

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Welcome and Keynote: Lending Privilege

Opening Remarks from Conference Co-chairs Felipe Gacharna and Theo Howard Welcome from Lois Brooks, Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for UW-Madison Information Technology Keynote…

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Creative Writing to Envision a Future Full of IDEAs

We invite the audience to engage with a series of creative writing prompts to envision worlds with fewer barriers to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Justice. What is different in…

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Get Up And Start Dancing: Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces To Foster Inclusion

If diversity is being invited to the party, and inclusion is being asked to dance, as Vernā Myers said, then there’s still a sense that the powerful do the “inviting” and…

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Inclusive Leadership With CDW

Former consultants and current leaders and technologists Beth Hill and Yuliya Slesareva discuss their career journey at CDW Corporation, a multi-brand provider of technology solutions to customers in…

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Inclusive and Equitable Recruitment Practices- Reframing Criteria

Reading a job description is often the first impression someone may have with an organization. Some applicants may look at the description and see a laundry list of requirements and have a vague…

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The Value of Values- Building a Person-Focused Work Culture

Building workplace culture is easy. So easy, we often end up doing it without even meaning to – and not always the way we’d like! Using the example of DoIT Academic Technology’s…

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Speed Mentoring

Speed mentoring is the best bite-sized way to get advice and practice mentoring yourself! Bring your professional development questions and trade-off mentoring advice with other professionals in…

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The Diversity Framework, The Wisconsin Experience, And Your Work

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to support campus missions. This session will workshop a way to align our day-to-day work with campus strategic frameworks. John Martin will share an example…

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“Better Cybersecurity Through Inclusive Language and Practices” presented by Amanda Thornton and Jason Erdmann

Learn how terminology and practices in the cyber world are changing for the better by becoming more inclusive and respectful in this 10/27/2021 presentation by Amanda Thornton and Jason Erdmann.

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“Securing Your Home Work Environment” presented by Sean Bossinger and Jason Erdmann

Learn how to keep your data protected whether you’re working at home or from the office in this 10-06-2021 presentation by Sean Bossinger and Jason Erdmann.

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Cybersecurity Forward 2021 Review/Networking with Tim Bohn

The first 30 minutes of this session will highlight the key takeaways from this year’s Cybersecurity Forward technical, strategic, and practical presentations. Join us as we discuss…

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Shift Left- Automated Security Scanning Integration with Brian Hill, Tomomi Imamura, Benjamin Sousa, and Vanessa Taulbee

Although DevOps is quickly changing the way that organizations build and deploy web applications using technologies such as Docker containers, there are still the challenges of successfully…

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Adversary and Defender Techniques with Matthew Harvey, Nina Padavil, and Josh Sutfin

This presentation will cover three threat intelligence trends pertaining to criminal cyber threat actors who target academic organizations and their associated tactics, techniques, & procedures.…

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AI In Cybersecurity: Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing To Augment Your Security Tools with Anthony DiDonato

This session will provide a brief overview of what artificial intelligence (“AI”) is and how it can be used to augment your existing security tools. It will provide some background on AI,…

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