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Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) – What is it, and why should I care?

Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is often the overlooked and misunderstood subset of cybersecurity. GRC is a way for organizations to meet compliance, manage risk, and provide…

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Easy wins in security for schools and small businesses

What threats do school districts and small businesses face and how can they be prevented? Based on information gleaned from audits performed by UW—Whitewater on local K-12 schools, we’ll…

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Case Study

The University of Wisconsin System and University of Wisconsin-Madison will discuss the history of their training and implementation, as well as their use of phishing simulations. Presenters: Jim…

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Zero Trust: It's a concept, not a product

We have all been getting email from vendors selling the latest and greatest security product—Zero Trust. The problem is that you cannot buy zero trust, you have to build it. My talk will…

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“Better Cybersecurity Through Inclusive Language and Practices” presented by Amanda Thornton and Jason Erdmann

Learn how terminology and practices in the cyber world are changing for the better by becoming more inclusive and respectful in this 10/27/2021 presentation by Amanda Thornton and Jason Erdmann.

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“Securing Your Home Work Environment” presented by Sean Bossinger and Jason Erdmann

Learn how to keep your data protected whether you’re working at home or from the office in this 10-06-2021 presentation by Sean Bossinger and Jason Erdmann.

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Cybersecurity Forward 2021 Review/Networking with Tim Bohn

The first 30 minutes of this session will highlight the key takeaways from this year’s Cybersecurity Forward technical, strategic, and practical presentations. Join us as we discuss…

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Shift Left- Automated Security Scanning Integration with Brian Hill, Tomomi Imamura, Benjamin Sousa, and Vanessa Taulbee

Although DevOps is quickly changing the way that organizations build and deploy web applications using technologies such as Docker containers, there are still the challenges of successfully…

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Adversary and Defender Techniques with Matthew Harvey, Nina Padavil, and Josh Sutfin

This presentation will cover three threat intelligence trends pertaining to criminal cyber threat actors who target academic organizations and their associated tactics, techniques, & procedures.…

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AI In Cybersecurity: Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing To Augment Your Security Tools with Anthony DiDonato

This session will provide a brief overview of what artificial intelligence (“AI”) is and how it can be used to augment your existing security tools. It will provide some background on AI,…

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The Mystery And Misinformation Behind Credit Card Theft with Kevin Bong

Almost everyone deals with credit card fraud, whether as an individual having fraudulent charges show up on an account or as a business dealing with chargebacks or stolen card notifications. However,…

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What Is Zero Trust? The Role Of Continuously Assessing Device And Identity Health with Eric Wing

The world is changing, and our traditional security models have failed to keep up. The Zero Trust model is unique because it requires verification of everyone either inside or outside your network,…

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Privacy...Friend, or Foe? with Ken Ries

During this session, we will explore the roots of privacy in the United States and the rise of state-sponsored privacy legislation. We will also explore what the third-party problem is and…

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Break The Silos: Building A Unified Framework For Cybersecurity Ops with Praveen Yeleswarapu

Tools are only as powerful as their ability to communicate with one another, and this is true for cybersecurity as well. It is time to empower people in Infosec and cybersec roles with data that…

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Prioritizing Enterprise Risks Using Data Normalization with Ken Squires

Many organizations have competing risk assessment remediation priorities with business objectives and regulatory requirements that are difficult to compare. Normalization techniques can collect and…

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"Credential Tiering" with Peter Vander Velden

How can we help reduce the risk associated with privileged accounts? The concept of Credential Tiering can help. This presentation will provide an overview of Credential Tiering including…

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