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IQ Housing: Blending People, Process And Technology

Now more than ever, close collaboration across departments and rapid response times are essential to keeping our students safe and healthy. This fall, teams from University Health Services, Housing,…

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ITLC Leadership Panel

Get to know leaders from across higher education as they reflect on current challenges and future innovation. They will share stories of how they are creating the IT workforce and work environment of…

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Stuck In The Middle With You: A Leadership Journey Through Crisis

Greg and Brian have worked at the forefront of campus’s COVID-19 Continuity of Instruction effort, engaging with Vice Provosts, Associate Deans, IT Directors, faculty, instructional designers,…

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Protecting And Preserving Knowledge – Why You Need To Create A Culture Of Knowledge Sharing Today

Change, whether welcome or painful, is inevitable. Information changes. People change. Finding what you need to know, and who knows it, takes time and energy that many can't spare. We often…

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The Transforming Power of Authentic Leadership

Derek Cooper's session "The transforming power of authentic leadership" includes a brief overview of his doctoral thesis entitled "Developing an ethical leadership baseline in…

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Investing Your Energy Where It Matters In Times of Imposed Change

During times of great change many decisions with far reaching impacts have to be made quickly and with limited input. Without examining how we invest our professional energy and the potential return…

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ITLC 2020 Keynote Session with Kevin Conroy

Kevin shares leadership lessons as he tells the Exact Sciences story of a small biotech start-up growing to become a leading provider of cancer screening and diagnostic tests with more than 4,500…

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Cybersecurity Forward- Backward and Forward

What threads tie this year’s Cybersecurity Forward lectures together? What ideas and themes were explored? What might be in store for Cybersecurity Forward 2021 and what’s planned for…

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Breaking In, Taking Action Women of Cybersecurity

Join us for an engaging panel of six women, each at various stages in their careers from UW–Madison, the University of Indiana and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, where they…

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Modern Penetration Testing - Common Intrusion Methods

Learn how the modern approaches to penetration testing are discovering new-age (and old-age) problems with IT systems. Offensive testing techniques are evolving. DevOps, cloud environments, and…

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You Have Been Hit By a Cyber Attack: What do you do?

What can you do if your organization is the victim of a cyber attack? Join this interactive conversation with Bill Nash, WI Chief Information Security Officer, and Annette Smith, WI DPI Director of…

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Your Fusion Center and You

Cybersecurity is often described as a “team sport”, requiring the efforts of many team members to move forward. This session will discuss the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence…

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Your Modernized Application is at Risk. A Pragmatic Approach to Security Design

DevOps enables businesses to stay agile and respond rapidly to changes in the market. This same agility can put the business at risk if security is not prioritized as the first step to cloud adoption…

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Integrating Box & Google Drive in Canvas

This session explains how to efficiently leverage storage space in Box and Google Drive, by creating links or embedding content within your Canvas course.

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Communicating with Students in an Online Course

There are several methods by which you can communicate with your students both in Canvas and outside of it. This 30-minute discussion introduces you to some of the more common methods.

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Student Assessment with Learn@UW Tools

Explore additional Learn@UW tools that aid in assessing students’ learning. This includes assessments in Canvas, advanced quizzing with Atomic Assessment, originality checking with Turnitin,…

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