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June 20 2023 IT Project Update Forum Partial Recording

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Presenting with skill and confidence (second session)

IT professionals must often share their knowledge in public settings, such as the IT Professionals Conference and the Information & Technology Leadership Conference. Yet presenting in these…

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Too Busy: Why you should say no and how you might actually do it

So little time, so much to do. We’re all doing the best we can, we’re all wondering if this is it, and we’re all too busy and too fatigued to risk change that might not change…

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Successful Outcomes Through Servant-Leadership

Servant leadership is a transformational leadership style that can be used to build mutual trust and empower staff. Flip traditional leadership upside down and turn it into one of service to staff…

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Speak Up: Amplifying the Voices of IT Professionals

Multi-generational workforces are popping up in a wide array of industries, including IT. When working with people of different ages, managers and team members should capitalize on each…

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Promoting Digital Accessibilty to Leadership as a DEI Initiative

Our campus is collectively striving towards creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for all. One way to contribute towards these efforts is to collaborate with leaders of your…

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Opening Remarks

Opening remarks from this year's co-chairs and sponsor. Please note that this video has poor audio and some poor video quality. We recommend that you turn on closed captioning to improve your…

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Manger or Individual Contributor: Leadership is Leadership

Think you need to be in a managerial role to lead effectively, advance your career, and make an impact? Think again! There are several benefits to bouncing between managerial and individual…

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Keynote: Uplifting Impact

Drawing upon her two leadership books, Actions Speak Louder and Purposeful Hustle, Deanna Singh, will lead audience members through a process to move past the status quo and help lead the charge.…

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How to Skillfully Navigate Workplace Politics

Our campus is vast and has a complex organizational structure. Knowing how to skillfully navigate the workplace can help you build and maintain positive relationships, influence change and build…

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Don't Panic: Demystifying the Digital Accessibility Policy

The web is all about providing access, information, and opportunity to as many people as possible. It is only right that the University community fosters inclusivity, and works to ensure that all can…

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Being an Effective Member of Multi Generational Teams

Multiple generations comprise today’s workforce and each has varied work habits, motivations, communication styles and expectations. Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned…

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Be the Best Supervisor Ever: Developing Superstars

Supervisors are in a unique position to encourage growth and development within their team. Doing so can keep employees engaged, increase satisfaction, and strengthen the internal talent pipeline.…

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A Picture is Truly Worth a Thousand Words

If you’re asked if you’re artistic, would you raise your hand? The good news is for design thinking, you don’t need to be. Adults are often hesitant to put their words or ideas into…

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A Fireside Chat with Karen Catlin, author of Better Allies

Gender inequality is part of a long list of statistics that show how the imbalance of power in the workplace affects culture, social structure, and economics and is one of the key focuses of UW…

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IT Projects Update Forum-20210526 1900-1

UW-Madison DoIT Information Technology Projects forum of Wednesday, May 26. Consists of a welcome, project updates and questions & answers.

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