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Data Upload: The Neighborhoods Study Living Cohort

This brief video describes and demonstrates the process for transferring The Neighborhoods Study data to the UW–Madison study team using Globus. Data uploaded with Globus will be stored in…

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Posit Day 2024-01-17 – morning session

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Posit Day 2024-01-17 – afternoon session

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GeoData@Wisconsin: How to Use Downscaled WICCI Climate Data

In the ‘Climate’ collection, users can access a series of downscaled climate modeling datasets in GIS-friendly formats created by Dr. Eric Compas from the University of…

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Topics in Data Sharing: Open Data

For International Open Access Week, Cameron Cook, Data and Digital Scholarship Manager and Chair of Research Data Services at University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, talks about requirements for…

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Ryan Lieu - LAM Data Integration through Library Catalog APIs - August 1st 2022, 9:19:17 pm

Poster presentation about cultural heritage (LAM) data integration possibilities using library catalog APIs

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This video, created by the UW-Madison Libraries, introduces DMPTool.

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for Wisconsin LiDAR Data

Wisconsin is fortunate to have complete nearly coverage of LiDAR-derived elevation data available from our partner, WisconsinView.Org. LiDAR data can be particularly difficult to find because…

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Open Access Week Digital Pop-Up (2020)

For Open Access Week 2020, librarians hosted a Digital Pop Up event to discuss topics related to open access at UW-Madison: Carrie Nelson: Author's rights management, new open publishing…

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Capstone - Dr. Ajay Sethi

This talk is presented by the UW L&E Clinic Capstone course. Dr. Ajay Sethi discusses data modeling for COVID-19 in Wisconsin and the basis of conspiracy theories.

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HW11 - Determination of T1 using inversion recovery and workup of data in MNova

Determination of T1 and workup in MNova

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Designing Infographics

DesignLab consultant Jamila Siddiqui reviews key design principles to keep in mind for enhancing the effectiveness of your infographics. Make an Appointment with DesignLab:…

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