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WICDI Project Update: Building and Sustaining Culvert Mapping Community, Northern WI

The WICDI project aims to establish a Wisconsin Coastal-Management Data Infrastructure. With funding from NOAA, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, and the State Cartographer’s Office…

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Getting to know GeoData@Wisconsin, and How You Can Participate!

GeoData@Wisconsin is a statewide geoportal containing nearly 21,000 free Wisconsin spatial datasets produced by local, regional, state and federal government organizations. First established in…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps

Scanned topographic maps published by the USGS date back to 1889 in Wisconsin, and as such, provide excellent insight for historical research. With nearly 12,000 topos available through…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for Digital Aerial Imagery

Much of the aerial imagery available in Wisconsin is organized as county mosaics, U.S. Geological Survey Quarter-Quadrangle tiles, and in some cases, individual scanned photographs. Often, digital…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for the Original Wisconsin Public Land Survey System Maps

The field notes and plat maps of the public land survey of Wisconsin are a valuable resource for original land survey information, as well as for understanding Wisconsin's landscape history. The…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching with Keywords

In GeoData@Wisconsin, the keyword search bar is located at the top of the page. Simply enter a search term here to see results. Keywords are often best way to begin your search for data.

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for Wisconsin LiDAR Data

Wisconsin is fortunate to have complete nearly coverage of LiDAR-derived elevation data available from our partner, WisconsinView.Org. LiDAR data can be particularly difficult to find because…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching with the Map

Using the map is a great way to see all the available data for a specific area of interest. Searching by using the map is what makes a geoportal special. When combined with collections, filters, and…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: What Are Collections?

Collections represent groups of resources that are similar in nature, either by theme or creator. Collections are a great way to quickly narrow your search down to data most relevant to your needs.

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Introduction and Overview

GeoData@Wisconsin is an online geoportal designed to provide discovery and access to Wisconsin geospatial data, aerial imagery, and scanned maps. Every resource within the geoportal has a download…

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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Workshop

This introductory workshop provides students with the fundamentals and basic concepts of GIS. A 45 minute lecture gives an overview of the technology and offers examples of applications. Following…

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Navigating the Mapping and GIS Library Research Guide

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Party with PostGIS (John J. Czaplewski)

An overview of what PostGIS is; what it does; and how to use it to make maps (with tutorial). Recording Date: 8/31/2016 Place: UW Cart Lab, Department of Geography Recorded by: Online…

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Making Maps On The Internet

This is a UW Cart Lab talk given on Tuesday, August 8, 2016. Presenter: Sam Matthews (@vancematthews) Title: Making Maps on the Internet Location: Cart Lab, Science Hall Recorded by: Ian…

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