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Putting university values into action through the digital accessibility policy

Leah Bowers and Laura Grady, user experience architects with the Center for User Experience, joined the Design Community to talk about the new digital accessibility policy and how to make digital…

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Design trends and metrics inspire the new face of TechNews

The topic for our April 5, 2023, Design Community session was the trends and metrics that DoIT Communications used to inspire a new design for the TechNews newsletter. Our guests Kyle Henderson and…

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Design Community — Send even better emails: Insights gained from emailing 50,000 people

When should you send your emails out? What does it look like to send out an email to 50,000+ users? What goes into a responsive design template? Learn about email newsletters as Kyle Henderson at…

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Design Community: Build a better email—Tips and tricks for using Eloqua to send communications

Rebecca (Bex) Quigley, Web Solutions Analyst with WIDA, joined us for our October 27 Design Community session to share tips and tricks for using Eloqua to send communications.

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Design Community: Now Better and more Design-y

Our September 28, 2022 Design Community event focused on you. You shared. Are we getting it right? We structured this event to ask you to hold us accountable and to learn about future sessions. We…

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August Design Community Retrospective

As we come up on our first anniversary as a community, we will use our August 25 UW Design Community session to re-center ourselves and review our past year together — how we got started, how…

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July 2022 Design Community

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tough! How your website appears on social media and search engines will impact its click-through rate. Luckily, we have tools and strategies that make improving…

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Design Community: Swag —If you buy it will they come?

As part of the Design Community series, Alison Caffrey from the Instructional Design Collaborative joined us to talk about her experiences with designing and purchasing swag at UW–Madison and…

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Design Community: Color Theory — Using color to enhance your design

As part of the Design Community series, Al Nemec and Kedar Joyner share their expertise in color theory. Whether you design for print, digital, or both, the use of color in your design supports the…

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