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The Center for Health Disparities Research (CHDR) Seminar Series with Will Buckingham PhD

November 8th, 2022, Dr. Will Buckingham presented "Mapping the Social Exposome: Health Geography in CHDR". Dr. Buckingham works as CHDR's Director of Geospatial Operations. More…

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The Wisconsin Unincorporated Place Project

A short description of the Wisconsin Unincorporated Place Project by the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office.

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Making a Web Map in Leaflet in 1 Minute, 1 Hour, and 10 Hours

What would a web map built in one minute look like? What are some of the basics you could add with another hour? How different does a one-hour web map look from a ten-hour web map? Why do I ask…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps

Scanned topographic maps published by the USGS date back to 1889 in Wisconsin, and as such, provide excellent insight for historical research. With nearly 12,000 topos available through…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Searching for Digital Aerial Imagery

Much of the aerial imagery available in Wisconsin is organized as county mosaics, U.S. Geological Survey Quarter-Quadrangle tiles, and in some cases, individual scanned photographs. Often, digital…

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GeoData@Wisconsin: Introduction and Overview

GeoData@Wisconsin is an online geoportal designed to provide discovery and access to Wisconsin geospatial data, aerial imagery, and scanned maps. Every resource within the geoportal has a download…

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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Workshop

This introductory workshop provides students with the fundamentals and basic concepts of GIS. A 45 minute lecture gives an overview of the technology and offers examples of applications. Following…

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