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How to edit machine captions in Kaltura MediaSpace

This video demonstrates how to access and do basic editing of captions in Kaltura MediaSpace for the machine captioning pilot being run in Fall 2019 at UW-Madison. This video is also embedded in the…

From  Dan LaValley on July 25th, 2019 0 likes 415 plays 0  

How to order machine captions using Kaltura MediaSpace [OUT OF DATE / INACCURATE as of 12/6/19]

NOTE: This screencast is no longer accurate as of 12/6/19. Dan is working on an updated one to embed in the KB. Previously: This video demonstrated how machine captioning pilot participants could…

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Installing Kaltura Capture on OSX (April 2019)

See the KnowledgeBase article on Installing Kaltura Capture See the KnoledgeBase article on Recording your screen or webcam with Kaltura Capture from Kaltura MediaSpace

From  Dan LaValley on April 8th, 2019 0 likes 895 plays 0  

Installing Kaltura Capture on Windows (March 2019)

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Authoring Content | Desire2Learn Tutorial

In this tutorial you'll learn about the 3 different methods for creating new media entries. These include: uploading an existing file, capturing a webcam recording, and creating a screencast.

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