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Records Management 101

Presentation to library staff covering records management Sarah Grimm UW Records Officer University Archives and Records 11 December 2019 Memorial Library

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The Liberal Arts can Improve your Career Trajectory

Harry Handler '79 received his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin - Madison with majors in History and Political Science. Mr. Handler speaks about the value of lifelong…

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Scientific Management and Communication

Dr. Anne Kinney is the Director of the Solar System Exploration Division at Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, and also a University of Wisconsin-Madison L&S alumna. Dr. Kinney speaks about her…

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Corporate Communications and Interview Preparation

Patricia Wright '74, President of Donovan Wright Advisors LLC, highlights her own rise in the communications and corporate relations industry, and advises that students take the time to…

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Where Applied Science Meets National Security

Jay Davis, Phd '69, President of the Hertz Foundation, has a storied career in fast neutron physics and national security. Mr. Davis reflects on the layers of experiences that students gain…

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Wealth Management and Client Relationships

Madison-based L&S alumnus, Michael Witt '90, Senior Vice President, R.W. Baird & Co., talks about building relationships with his clients and the importance of service and volunteerism…

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